Government and Dance Body Restrictions

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, and for your safety, we are required to
implement certain procedures.

Couples should remain home if feeling unwell or show any signs of Coronavirus.

No more than 2 teachers will conduct lessons in the Main Hall, and only 1 teacher in the Small Hall.

A maximum of 6 couples only are permitted on the dance floor.

Solo dancers and beginners cannot be catered for at this time.

A track and trace form is to be completed by all couples.

Couples should remain outside the Hall until the teacher comes and escorts them inside.

Hand sanitizers provided are to be used on entry.

Only washroom facilities within the hall will be open.

The kitchen will not be available.

Lessons cannot run over due to late arrivals.

Spectators will not be allowed as a general rule.

Face coverings are not required but can be used if requested, this is at the students own risk.

No food or water will be supplied, students are permitted to bring their own water bottle.

Each Pupil will be checked in and out of the hall by the teacher.

Main Hall users will exit from the front entrance and Small Hall users via the kitchen door.